The Magic of Self Love Program

If you’re:

✅ A Spiritual Entrepreneur, but represses her truth and dreams because no one will get you and judge you.

✅ An ambitious woman that puts others before herself

✅ Feeling stuck in your job, career, relationships or personal goals because of others

✅ Unfulfilled almost in every area of her life and wants to live the life she loves (successful career, lifestyle, body self image)

✅ Attract toxic relationships in almost all areas of your life

And you’re looking to:

✅ Have more time to do what you love without sacrificing your business or career

✅ Attract respectful and caring relationships in your personal life and business

✅ Feel confident and good about yourself and life decisions

✅ Have the lifestyle of your dreams

✅ Live an abundant life

✅ Become a Powerful Manifestor to attract positive experiences in all areas of your life

But right now...

❌ You feel like your career or loved ones are taking all your time and energy away from doing things you love

❌ You're paralyzed by fear of making mistakes or not being good enough and don’t take action on your goals

❌ You feel like you have to hide a large portion of yourself because everyone will judge you or not like you

❌ You are trying to get ahead by working more hours and a lot harder but it seems that you are getting behind and slower in your career or goals 

I've successfully manifested my dream life; living in front of the ocean in Spain, my dream partner, dream job, living the nomad life in 2 continents, my dream lifestyle and being in the best shape and health of my life in 1 year and a big reason why is the fact that I reprogrammed by mind, followed my intuition and took the stance of being the creator of my life instead of the victim. I created a step by step manual of the exact steps I took to manifest my dream life and the highest version of myself in a 90 day course.

By the end of this 90 day course, you will have more success in your career by doing less and having more free time to do what you love,  go on travels without sacrificing your career or budget, and you will attract relationships that value and respect you.

It’s the same course my past clients used to manifest an ascension in their job, consistent high paying dream clients, monthly road trips being a mom entrepreneur, traveling on the weekends while working the corporate job, and manifesting the dream lifestyle while working the corporate job

For more Detail Information on what's Included in the program, click here

6 Modules


Welcome to the most important module of this course. Everything else will build up from this module. First I'll teach you how to heal your past wounds and energetic blocks through the practice of forgiveness, mindfulness and creating a new identity.

Make sure to download the Workbook from the Intro lesson to do the exercises and journaling prompt along with each video lesson for the rest of the module :). 

If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask for help on the Voxer app and/or facebook group :).

Much Love & Peace,


In this final Module you will implement everything you have learned thus far and put into practice to create a powerful manifestation routine with daily journaling prompts on the desires you want to manifest this month.

You will download the Workbook for each week individually to not overwhelm you with all the exercises at once. Look at the first lesson of each week to download that week's workbook.

Lets Manifest!


Modules for this course 6

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