The Science of Self Love: Human Design Coaching Sessions

These individual coaching sessions are perfect for those who not ready for the full commitment on a program or consider yourself a decent manifestor but have some blockages in some areas of your life where you need help in getting clarity or removing limiting beliefs. Then these sessions are for you.

You can purchase a:

  • 1:1 Coaching Session
    • In 1 hour I will help you establish a strong foundation with your human design personal manual of who you are, to help you manifest your life the way you are designed to manifest and live a free and fulfilled life according to your energetic blueprint.
  • Human Design Session
    • Understand yourself from inside out from your energetic blueprint. Know the type of energy person you are and why you function the way you do, what gifts you have to offer to the world and what blockages you have and how you can clear them.
  • Relationship Human Design Session
    • Starting a new relationship and want to get to know the person ahead of time to reduce conflicts and problems of miscommunication? Human Design is a powerful shortcut to get to know your person on a deep, cellular level, in a way that they can't even explain.
  • 1 audio Coaching service of 7-10 minutes:
    • If you are just wanting a quick, powerful and right to the point guidance in your current situation, then this service is for you. This service will be specific, empowering and also give you clarity, empowerment and true power over yourself and your situation. Send me your human design and I will send you an audio 48 hours later to help you get aligned with your energetic blueprint so you can soar and manifest your dreams with ease.
  • Monthly Coaching Package, 3 or 6 months:
    •  Every month, we will meet on zoom for 1 hour to go even deeper on your human design, help you reprogram your brain for success and live unapologetically in the areas you want to improve and be the highest version of yourself.
    • You have the option of getting 24/7 voxer access to me during the entire month to accelerate your self love journey for inner peace, love and freedom and therefore attract your desire faster for additional $80 a month.
    • Bonus: You will receive as a gift, my powerful "Super Vision Board Workshop" which has helped many get clear on their dream life and manifest it and so has many of my clients.

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 1 Individual Magic Coaching Session - 60 minutes
 $150.00 USD
 Coaching via e-mail: 1 Question
 $30.00 USD
 Human Design Reading
 $150.00 USD
 3 Month Coaching Package - Telegram Coaching Included
 $750.00 USD
 Audio Human Design Mini Reading
 $35.00 USD

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